Thursday, February 10, 2011

How the war began

Frankly I have lost track of everything that has been going on - how the blog war even began. Somehow my reputation has been thoroughly smeared by FGM, maybe because being out in the open, I am an easy target to focus on.

This sums it all nicely. Of course, someone will use this as proof that I promote slanderous blogs. I say do not let anyone tell you what to think, read what Beyond 64 wrote and form your own opinion -

This is the last I have to say on this subject.


Anonymous said...

I really hope this is the last. It is a pity you have to waste your time and energy on this childish squabble; rather than start playing actively again and getting back to your former strength.

Jimmy Liew said...

Thanks for your advice.

An old friend said...

I think it is wrong to say your reputation has been thorughly smeared. There was only an attempt to smear your good name with lies and flimsy linkages but I do not think the attempt succeeded. If anything, the whole affair only served to enhance your good reputation. Your initial attempt to help our friend understand the intricacies and pitfalls along the way to master chess but which was met with hostility. Later followed by your efforts to protect the greater Malaysian chess community from views that could mislead young or less knowledgeable chess enthusiasts should be commended.

Having said all this, I agree that it is best to unilaterally put the matter to rest and no longer respond to the ignorant 'barking dog'.

Zurin said...

Dear Jimmy,

I agree with An Old Friend above.

The silence from the chess community doesn't mean that you are alone. People have high regard for you.

You are,have always been and will always be an inspiration to the chess community especially the young ones. I remember when my girls started in chess and they were introduced to you. Our dinner topic for that day was IM Jimmy Liew and my younger daughter keep saying I AM Jimmy Liew. Some of your magic must have rubbed off on her as she is still striving to better herself in chess. Even Mas Hafizul has confided to me that your IM title inspired him.

So do not fret dear Jimmy. Keep inspiring our young chess players and we will have our GM one day.


Jimmy Liew said...

Thanks for the kind words. I like that story about your daughter :)

Anonymous said...

You are doing well Jimmy. Ceasing any major activity pertaining to the current issue is beginning to help; what remains is a single man talking to himself now.

Do not forget that silence is, and always will be golden.

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