Friday, February 11, 2011

Why do we lose?

Why do we lose a chess game?

Consider the position in the diagram below. This is an all too familiar position to us all.

Let's say after x number of moves , we reach the following position ( a random position I picked out)

Black is mated.

From the original position to being mated, how could  such thing happen? What happened in between the two diagrams? Think about it and I'll continue in the next post.


Ilham said...

1)Inferior move by black
2)superior move by white
3)overlook tactical threat
4)Did not calculate deep enough
5)time trouble

and this possibility too...
6)'purposely' losing the game :)

The Chess Ninja said...

7) Imagined fears, anyone? :P

HeinzK said...

1 - Because people have made a competitive thing out of chess, they call one side the "winner" and the other side the "loser"
2 - Because we are a sore bunch of weak losers

Jimmy Liew said...

Well done everyone :)
Any more?

Ilham said...

wait a this a tricky question, Jimmy?

Jimmy Liew said...

No its not.

Jimmy Liew said...

Just looking for the simplest explanation

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