Monday, February 28, 2011

Percawi organizes Labour Day Team

Percawi with the assistance of MSSWP, is attempting to revive the Labour Day Team Tournament by organising the Percawi Labour Day Team Chess Tournament 2011 on the 24th of April 2011.

 It is a one-day team rapid chess tournament with each team having only 4 players. The six round team event is open to Companies, Government Departments, schools and institutions of higher learning. No open teams are allowed to participate in this event. The complete details are below.

Date:                   24th April 2011 (Sunday)

Time:                   9 am to 5 pm

Playing Venue:  Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre,4th Floor, Car Park,
Wilayah Kompleks, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, K.L.

Organiser:                   Percawi and assisted by MSSWP.

Event:     Team tournament of 4 players each team with no reserves.

Format:              6 Rounds Swiss Rapid play (½ hour each).

Entry fee:     RM 160 for Companies & Government Departments
per team      RM   80 for schools and institutions of higher learning  
  (colleges, universities)

Closing date:     22nd of April 2011 (Friday).
Contacts:            Collin 016-2123578 & Bob Yap 012-2878378.

Open section:
Champion:   Percawi Challenge Trophy + 4 Gold Medals + RM 400
Second:       4 Silver Medals + RM 300
Third :         4 Bronze Medals + RM 200
Fourth :       RM 200
Fifth :          RM 200
Best primary school:    4 Gold Medals + RM 160
Best secondary school: 4 Gold Medals + RM 160
Best Girls team:          4 Gold Medals + RM 160

Eligibility for participation:
¤    For Companies & Government Departments, players must be bona fide employees/staff.
¤    For schools and institutions of higher learning, only students, lecturers and office staff are allowed to represent them.
¤    Chess companies and Chess Academies are not allowed to participate. Guest players, temporary and part-time staff, are not allowed to participate.


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