Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is the real situation?

I just got woken up by firecrackers going off in the neighbourhood. Its 12.00 AM and first day of Chinese New Year. For no reason that I could discern, a thought flashed into my mind at the instant I awoke. So even though I earlier resolved there will be no more postings till I got back to Kuala Lumpur, well I got to put this down before I forget.

In the company I work, we frequently use the word landscape. A less bombastic word is just "situation"

What we currently have -

A chess federation that does not seem to have any direction. While I respect what Hairul said to a previous post, we are way beyond that. Everyone is tired and disappointed with MCF. Tell us where you are taking us.

A FGM who gives rather vague ideas on how to improve the chess scene. He has an unfortunate tendency to disparage various individuals and groups coupled with a high intolerance of dissenting views and this gives rise to the next group. Unfortunately he does not intend to go away quietly.

Various parties who make it their business to write posts or comments to dispute, rant and argue against FGM posts.

A stone fella who wants to be MCF President at some time in the future and claims to be able to bring in million dollar sponsorship. Promotes himself everywhere specifically in other people blogs. Generally he is considered a pest but harmless.

A closet poet who also claims to have access to million dollars sponsorship. Unfortunately he does not seem able to put thoughts to words in any coherent manner. This really pisses everyone off. From conversations with him, I think he means well and his intentions are genuine.

Let's face it, all of us are here for various motives be they the selfish or un-selfish kind. We do not need to delve further than that.

For 2011, my hope is to see this.

- MCF to give the chess fraternity a vision. What is called a mission statement. And be measured by its success or failure.

- All bloggers to exercise restrain and not start another blog war. We can disagree without resorting to mud slinging and name calling. I will practice what I preach.

- Those who have access to sponsorships, less talk and more work. Talk is cheap, show us the money.


Ilham said...

Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year Jimmy!

Jimmy Liew said...

As expected, the personal onslaught from a certain gm has begun. there are so many lies in his rant . if you tell the same lies sagain and again eventually you might get some people to believe. nevertheless i will not be trapped and drawn again into the mud. let the readers judge what is really happening.

Jimmy Liew said...

Someone is spinning again..turning my heart felt plea into something else totally.

There is no attack on anyone, read the my post carefully...

For your self protection, read this again.

Anonymous said...

I salute you Mr. Jimmy Liew w/ the way you handle the istGM blogger. Keep up being level headed. No one has the right to use or challenge your IM title when you make your comments or state your opinion/s in your blog. Its 2 different issues.

Jimmy Liew said...

Thank you Anonymous. I really appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...

His ego is too big that he cant just back out from the mess he created. He is using his double talk but get mangled and strangled instead. Keep cool Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Malaysian chess being guided be the blind ie a non chess person telling chess community how to run and to achieve objectives. Some so-called chess bloggers themselves are just occasional players with mediocre standing but seems to be looked up by the fraternity.
Good luck Jimmy dont see how you can change things with these types of characters in our midst

Chess 4 Life said...
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Jimmy Liew said...

To the last Anonymous, I disagree that occasional players or those without standing should not give their views. Its a free world. As long as they have a reasoned argument and not just a lot of rhetoric. Look at Chess Ninja blog and see what I mean. I dont necessarily agree with everything he writes but his gives his reasoning.

Chess 4 Life said...

Keep up the good work Jim. What you do may not change everyone, but it may change the lives of a few. We can't change the world but we can change the few that we touch with our words and our acts. And if you have done that, then you have achieved more than many others.

I am glad that you are still in Chess and have not turned your back on the game and the people in it.

Let's Make a Difference, no matter how small it may first seem.

Collin Madhavan
8 February 2011

Jimmy Liew said...

why are you deleting your previous comment and reposting it? :)

Anonymous said...

There was a typo error in my earlier posting. Sorry BOSS! Ha!

Jimmy Liew said...

Dont do it again grrrrrrrr :)

Anonymous said...

Yes sir. *shivering*


Anonymous said...

One person you cant change for sure .. give u just one guess?

Ok, a hint ... he goes into other blogs to just spread venom

Chess 4 Life said...

On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long. The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie; the merciless fact, culminating in the checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite. Emmanuel Lasker

Jimmy Liew said...

Whoa! You talking like Siew Fai now :)

Anonymous said...

Lasker knew all along there's a born loser and a liar in our midst, one who talks chess but never play in one!

The Challenger

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