Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yee Weng and Najiha wins bronze!

It was a nerve wrecking final round for the Malaysian contingent. Malaysia needed to tie Indonesia's score today to win the bronze on tie-breaks. While Indonesia had the gold medallists Vietnam, we had the easier match against Myanmar.

Yee Weng drew quickly after reaching an opposite-colored bishop position with all major pieces on the board. He soon regretted the decision as Najiha had pawn advantage in her game but ran very short of time. Even with two extra pawns in a Rook and Bishop versus Rook and Knight ending, things were very difficult as she had less than two minutes at some crucial moments. Nevertheless, Najiha managed to convert the game after more than eighty moves

Vietnam took the gold and Philippines the silver.

In the blindfold event, Vietnam's super GM Le Quang Liem managed to overtake Filipino Paul Gomez to take the gold leaving Gomez the silver. Another Filipino GM , Laylo Darwin was the bronze medallist.


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Great to hear this BRAVO news!!!!

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