Sunday, November 20, 2011

SEA Games - Men and Women Standard chess

The situation in the men's and women's standard chess is more or less clear where the gold is concerned. GM Megaranto agreed a draw with IM Jimmy Liew. Tomorrow he has white pieces against Myanmar player Kyaw Ling Naing and a draw will be sufficient for the gold medal.

FM Kyaw has a chance for a medal after drawing against GM Cao Sang. The final round will decide the bronze and maybe the silver as well.

The pairings tomorrow morning are -

GM Megaranto Susanto - FM Kyaw Ling Naing
FM Teerapabpaisit Wisuwat  - IM Jimmy Liew
GM Cao Sang - GM Wesley So

The most likely results is that the GM Megaranto will take a draw while the two grandmasters will also draw resulting in  a tie between GM Cao Sang and FM Kyaw for the bronze. In that event they will play an armageddon game where white has six minutes and black five, with black needing only a draw. However GM Wesley So may try to win and thereby knock out the GM Cao Sang. This will be an interesting match.

In the women's event there is also some excitement for Malaysia. Camilia is tied for third with WGM Irine Sukandar and the two are meeting over the board tomorrow morning. The winner will take bronze medal home. If it ends in a draw then an armageddon play-off will decide.

There will also likely be a tie for the first placing. The pairings are -

Isawan Srijomtong - WIM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung
WGM Irine Sukandar - Camilia bt. Johari
WFM Jose Rulp Ylem - bye

The Vietnamese should beat the Thai easily and set up a play-off for gold and silver. Meanwhile our eyes are on the young Camilia to create an upset over the very experienced Indonesian WGM. A win for Camilia and she takes home the bronze. Needless to say, the whole team are rooting for Camilia. Tonight there will be heavy preparation for her :)


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Great hope to see Malasyia chess contigent adding another medal!
Best of LUCK!!!!!!

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