Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Malaysia loses to Philippines

In the fourth round of the Mixed event,both IM Lim Yee Weng and WFM Najiha lost their games to the more experienced Filipinos. This means Vietnam will take the gold and Philippines the silver leaving the bronze for the other countries.

Malaysia meets Myanmar in the fifth and last round and needs a win to confirm a bronze medal. As I write, Yee Weng is hard at work , preparing to win tomorrow. Much depends on him as a win will ease the pressure on the young Najiha, though we also expect her to beat her opponent tomorrow.

My fortunes in the blindfold continue to slide downward , losing both seventh and eight rounds. Mok drew both games.

The rest of the team, IM Mas, Sumant Subramaniam, Camilia, Li Ting  and Nabila has joined us from Malaysia. They will have a free day tomorrow as their events only starts on the Thursday,17th of November.


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