Friday, November 25, 2011

Hou YiFan wins World Championship

Chinese prodigy, Hou YiFan , won the women's world championship against challenger Humpy Koneru. Yi Fan took a three point lead after drawing the eight game. With only two games left in the ten game match, Yi Fan retains the title. The remaining two games will not be played.

Full report from Chessbase here


The Chess Ninja said...

I saw a couple of the games and I think Hou Yifan demonstrated the utter difference in class between the two. In most of the games, she came out better right out of the openings and Koneru was struggling throughout.

abdooss said...

Similar to the first K-K match.. though the better player, Kasparov was struggling at 0-4.. in the second match, Karpov was toppled.

Humpy was more aggressive, with many innovations, maybe too aggressive.. and she lost.. maybe that's the price some of us have to pay for initiating CHANGE.. anyway, thanks Humpy & Yi Fan for a great match! Until next time, Humpy?

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