Friday, November 11, 2011

Arrived in Palembang

The first team members,  Najiha, IM Mok, Haslinda, Gregory and myself ,  left KL International Airport yesterday afternoon. Our flight schedule was to Jakarta and then switch to a local flight to Palembang. Arrived in Palembang around 7:00 PM tired and sweaty.

We are staying at the Hotel Swarna Dwipa. Last night dinner was only so-so , hopefully things will improve or maybe we will get used to Indonesian food :)

The opening ceremony will be scheduled for tonight, while the first event will begin tomorrow. For the blindfold event, both Mok and myself are competing. At the moment we have no idea how the event will be conducted as this is the first time that blindfold event is held.

Internet access is patchy so I doubt if I will be doing much blogging. Haslinda will have more regular updates and results at her blog.


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