Saturday, December 15, 2012

Penang Open Final Round starts

The 9 round 2012 Penang Open started on Tuesday 11th December. The final round of the Swiss has just begun this morning.

Leading the pack are two Vietnamese IMs, Nguyen Duc Hoa and Nguyen Van Huy, Singaporean WIM Gong Qianyun and our own Yeoh Li Tian with six and half points each. Anyone of them can win the Open if the others falter in today's round.

Li Tian's performance so far may (or maybe not ) be a surprise to some. He has beaten two 2300's rated players in this tournament. One of them is IM Mas (who he also beat in the Campomanes Memorial in Melaka earlier this year) and the other is Filipino FM De Ramos Julius. He will meet another 2300 from China, Ma Zhonghan, in the final round.

The next best Malaysians are Ronnie Liu and Ng Tze Han with six points. The latter has been impressing lately. Tze Han's last tournament was the DYMM Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah International Open Championship in September 2012 where he scored as the best Malaysian player. As he has been inactive for a number of years, Tze Han may not be recognized by most current players. He was formerly a top junior and National Master by virtue of winning one of the editions of the National Championships. I have a few memorable games against him when he was actively playing.

Here are the top pairings for round 9.


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Muhammad Arshad, besides playing, is also broadcasting live Penang Open 2012 Round 9 Board 2 : Ng Tze Han vs. Nguyen Duc Hoa at

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