Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magnus Carlsen: Beating Kasparov's record

I believe we can learn a lot from Carlsen's comments in this video.

A few choice comments that I picked out:

At 3:04

"My games haven't been brilliant, they haven't been bad but they haven't been brilliant either. In the end, I believe you always get what you deserve"

On why he is way ahead of the others on ratings, at 5:05
"I think the difference is that I never really have any bad tournaments"

At 5:35
"I think I can improve, I can learn a lot still. I think the difficult thing is to use that to my advantage in games"

At 5:46
"A lot of people know a lot about chess, they learn but they cannot really improve"

This part is scary, at 5:56
"Again I have a lot to learn"


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