Sunday, December 2, 2012

London Chess Classic

We really are spoilt for choice as far as top chess events are concerned. Last month there was the Women's World Championship won by Anna Ushenina and the Tashkent Grand Prix (still on-going with three more rounds). Surprisingly the Commonwealth Championship in Chennai, India which concluded yesterday (won by GM Sergei Tiviakov).

The 2012 London Chess Classic started yesterday (Saturday) with a all-star cast. World Champion Anand, highest rated Magnus Carlsen, former Champion Kramnik, American star Hikaru Nakamura, Levon Aronian,  highest rated women player Judit Polgar and the English grandmasters Luke McShane , Gawain Jones and Michael Adams. You will notice there are an odd nine players so one player will always have a bye in every round. This is intentional, the player having the bye will give commentary on that round games! It is a treat for chess fans indeed.

The first round already served up a surprise. All four games were decisive! Quite rare for such a strong tournament.

The rounds starts at 2:00 PM in London or 10:00 PM Malaysian time. You can follow the live games on the Playchess server or the official site.

Luke McShane drew with Carlsen in last year's edition using the same opening.

Judit Polgar's 11...d5 is  beyond my comprehension. She had to sacrifice a piece on the next move but never got enough compensation for it.

Aronian's 7. Bd2 is not the best, probably 7. N1c3 is alright. Black easily equalized and took over the initiative after white's 12. Be3.

Adams ground out a win against Gawain Jones.


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