Saturday, December 22, 2012

National Junior: New Champions

The 5th National Junior concluded this morning with new champions crowed in the boys and girls events.

Perakian Fong Yit San won the boys while Tan Li Ting took the girls champion title. While Li Ting win was not in doubt, Yit San could have to go into a play-off with Tan Jun Feng if the latter won his last game. However Jun Feng choose to offer a draw in a R+B vs R+B ending where he had twenty-five minutes to Lim Chuin Kai's ten minutes.

Thus the winners are 1st Fong Yit San, 2nd Tan Jun Feng and  Lim Chuin Kai tied for third with Aron Teh and Subramaniam Shreyas.The ratings are quite accurate as two of the three top seeds finished in their ranking spot. The dark horse is Tan Jun Feng who took second from a starting rank of sixth.

In the girls' event, Tan Li Ting came first followed by Nur Najiha and Nithyalakshmi third. Final rankings -

Boys Event - Up to 5.5 pointers only

Girls Event

View of top boards. In the foreground Low Jun Jian - Aron Teh

Yit San's winning position with pawn to d6

Lim Chuin Kai - Tan Jun Feng , draw

Low Jun Jian thinking hard. Accepted a draw in a winning position

Mark Siew analysing Aron's game

Ho Chen Ee (left) lost to Nithyalakshmi (right)

Two participants still battling after most of the games finished.


Peter Long said...

Congratulations to Fong Yit San and Tan Li Ting. I look forward to seeing where you stand in the Asian and World Junior Championships next year.

Anonymous said...

curse you Jimmy. Your post evaluating the postions are all with hidden agenda. According to FGM they are biased evaluations. What do you know about the position? FGM knows better even because he always ask everybody else what is the position like especially his son. That's because he himself doesn't play chess.So I trust this FGM better because he is an expert in these things. Even though after rereading this post many times I cannot find the actual misdirections, they must be there so says the FGM.

Anonymous said...

Mark siew game show no maturity, no fighting lucky he finish top ten. Advise to u. Sack the damn coach!

Anonymous said...

Cannot man. He is the father. You can't sack your father. Come to think of it. All fathers are chess coaches to their children giving their fatherly advice and analysis as they look around the tournament hall and opponents. Only they do not label themselves as mind coaches or such nonsense. Let's pay tribute to the silent coaches that do not need to shout out loud on their toxic blog.

Anonymous said...

Quote from a football site:
'argue too much with an idiot and you start to look like an idiot yourself'

stonemasterfadli said...
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