Friday, December 21, 2012

National Juniors: Last round decider

Just when we thought the boys event was going to go to Fong Yit San, the unexpected happened. A loss to Aron Teh in the eight round throws the championship wide open.

By my reckoning, no less than five players have chances to take the title. They are Yit San and Tan Jun Feng both with 6.5 points. The others are Aron Teh ,Lim Chuin Kai and Rosli Ahmad Afiq Afyfy with six points.

Aron Teh beat Yit San and Jun Feng won against Lim Kim Siong. Rosli Ahmad Afiq Afyfy shocked the more fancied Mark Siew.  I guess the latter have to go for more sharpening.

The pairings for the last round - the title will be decided on the first three boards.

All the five contenders have to go for win. If both Yit San and Jun Feng draws while Aron wins, then there is likely to be a play-off. If Aron wins and Yit San draws and Jun Feng loses, Aron takes the title (having defeated Yit San). If Chuin Kai beats Jun Feng and Yit San loses, than Chuin Kai and Rosli will tie for first. Many possibilities. Exciting round tomorrow, I think I'll drop by.

Over at the girls event, there is zero excitement. The championship has been decided and Tan Li Ting is the winner. Mathematically, Najiha can still catch her, but the personal encounter was won by Li Ting so even if she loses, she should end up the champion.


Anonymous said...

it turn out that MS is not just a kupcai but an old, creaking bicycle. i think even bicycle also shy to be associate with MS if he play like this. MS has answered all his criticism of his uninspired play over the board, by proving it!

Anonymous said...

national junior event!!!!!! only 19 girls? next time..just name it as junior event ya...

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