Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

hi, good day mr jimmy,
I usually practice my chess by playing online chess. The trouble is, I have bad internet connections ( i am using broadband ), during play there were lag problem, even disconnection. Can you pls suggest ways to overcome this ?

Jimmy Liew said...

The only way is to upgrade to faster connection. If you live in Malaysia, this is always a problem

The Chess Ninja said...

You can try playing on FICS. Many of their programs have this thing called "Timeseal", which stops your time when you are lagging, so that it doesn't eat into your time.

The drawback is that your friends may not be playing on FICS with you, but you can rest assured you won't lose on time because of lag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply mr Jimmy and chessninja. i hope those who play chess online can share their experience about this and kind to give tips on how to overcome this.

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