Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anna Ushenina is the new World Champion

Congratulations to the new  Women's World Champion, Anna Ushenina  who has won the tie-break over Antoaneta Stefanova, a former champion herself. The match went into the 30 minutes rapid tie-breaker with a 10 second increment for every move. 

Stefanova had the white pieces in the first rapid game. After the opening moves, black had a equalized. White pressed on  but was unable to make the full point. Ushenina sacrificed her bishop for Stefanova's last pawn to reach a K+2B v K+B ending which was easily drawn.

In the second game, Stefanova got into trouble almost after the opening. Ushenina had an advantageous ending which she exploited for the full point.

Anna Ushenina

Ushenina was only seeded 33rd in the starting list and practically lower rated than all her opponents. In press conferences she confided that she had come without any second or trainer, which made her achievements even more impressive. The new champion will defend her title against the ex-champion Hou Yifan sometime in 2013.


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