Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christmas Day for me

I've been asked to deny certain accusations, which I have denied many many times which anyone reading my blog will know. And asked to say where he lied. I think Christmas is coming early for me.

All the above have been denied by me in this blog.

Document case after case? How about showing some proof? Remember that we are innocent until proven guilty. All these are in your head, have you been neglecting your medication?

On the other hand I have proved with evidence his own lies. In case it is not enough, there are people who will come forward if necessary to attest to the truth I present. Below is just a selection.

Case #1

His Mark Siew as "poster boy" for Malaysian chess post where he said Mark refused to accept a win after losing the game aka "match fixing". In reality,  Mark did try to do submit the result in his favour but stopped by the arbiter. Our mad fool even had to recant his story here , but no apology given (the chess community is still waiting). This mad fool then subsequently talks of match fixing from others. Let me tell you, you have no moral ground to condemn match fixing.

Case #2

Tried to get my friend to involve in his chess school in Perak . Told my friend that I had agreed to be involved when I have not even heard of his name.

Case #3

"Trained" Sumant and Zhuo Ren and claimed they are his "students". Both of them have since denied it publicly.

Case #4

Said I masterminded Zhuo Ren's email from Case #3. I conclusively refuted it here. Mad fool refuses to accept the truth.

Enough? Or need more proof ?


Anonymous said...

Every one should re read his story in the 'The Heart of a Champion". If I am Jimmy, I would not be worry about him becuase while he lies, he is also so foolish not to realise that he was actaullly shooting Mark's foot.

Jimmy Liew said...

To the Mad Fool,
Not going to waste time writing a post on this.
This is not about your son, LZR or Sumant. Its about you. You ask for proof, I gave proof. You not happy with the game is not going your way, dont go running to mother. Repeat in case it din get through: this is not about Mark, LZR or Sumant. And do not pass your guilt to me. You are the one who shot at his foot,remember?

abdooss said...

FGM is a narcissistic paranoid guy.. he can't get over his (failed) prediction that Msian team would flop at Olympiad 2012.. now that his credibility is gone, he attacks you, Jimmy, to regain what little he has lost.. hahaha :D

Simon said...

FGM said in his latest blog: "You are a very sorry excuse of a human being Jimmy". Sigh ... really FGM is beyond hope and a waste of oxygen. I just hope it is not getting out of hand that in the near future we see a piece of news that a madman ran amok at the Jimmy residence! Yes, I'm not ruling this out seeing FGM getting angrier by the day.

Jimmy Liew said...

He was having the time of his life while I was in Istanbul. Attacking me and my team daily, thinking nobody will dare to face up to him. I think reality hit in the last few days and I feel he is getting desperate. We will not stand for his brand of hatred.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for his son

Anonymous said...

Funny when we think of it
1.Failed Chess organizer that got only 10 players took part in his tournament condemned international organizer that 'could only attract 27 local players'
2.Chess coach that never play chess want to teach chess player that play chess all his life.
3.chess player with zero rating, maybe zero game, definitely zero IQ, condemned player with 2300-2200 rating.
4.Chess official that was sack, condemned chess official that is in the office
5.Chess blogger, with nobody like to link, condemned chess blogger that everybody love to link.
6.Father that hate those who condemned MS, he himself condemned LT
7. Failed chess official, he himself want to teach a sitting president.
8.Mind coach that he himself need one.


Anonymous said...

It is "throwing a game" when one forgets to swtich of handphone, weak in maind for taking a draw in a "better position" but is Man when submitting a win when the game was lost. His mind is mess up.

abdooss said...

FGM said ; "He (Jimmy) has the right to say who can be a coach and who can't."
All Jimmy said was "How can you give commentary on chess when you do not know a knight fork from a pawn move?"
Meaning = if you want to be a chess coach, please make sure you know how to play chess!
See, Jimmy, why I said FGM provides entertainment to the Msian chess? He is indeed a clown! LOL.

Jimmy Liew said...

Normal lah. He is always twisting and clouding the issues to divert attention. First, it was "prove my lies" and I proofed now he twist somewhere else.

Simon said...

Well, FGM said in his latest post that it's not about Jimmy, although I think the most repeated word in his blog is "Jimmy"!. And yet, he is still asking you to really wake up and face the reality ...

@abdoss, he is not even qualified to be a clown. A clown does funny things on purpose, while FGM doesn't even realize. He is simply in the deepest possible denial mode. A nutcase, and probably the most stubborn person I ever seen/read.

Jimmy Liew said...

Firestonemaster or whoever,
You have your own blog, make use of it for your own agenda. My blog not for you to air your personal grievances. I will delete all your comments from now on. Nothing personal.

firestonemaster said...

ok, hehehe

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