Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round 11 Results

Malaysian men beat Thailand 3-1. Congrats to Zhuo Ren who won to make his first IM norm. He also collects the FIDE Master title for scoring 2/3rd of the total points.

Our girls team lost 1-3 to Estonia. A draw would have given them the Category D prize.  The consolation was Camilia drew her game to gain the WFM title. Earlier, Tan Li Ting had made a CM title so the girls team comes home with two new titles.

In the Open section, joint leader China lost badly to Ukraine thus they finish out of  medal contention. The medal winners are Russia, Armenia and Ukraine with Ukraine taking bronze while Armenia is the likely champion on tie-breaks and Russia taking the silver.

In the women section, Russia takes gold, China the silver and Ukraine the bronze.


Malaysian Chess Fan said...

Congratulations FM Zhou Ren, WFM Camillia, CM Li Ting and.... both the Malaysian teams! Great performances!!! Proud to be a Malaysian.

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