Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Blind Fool

I know that most readers are not interested in reading this kind of post which I am starting on. I have been maligned, libelled and denigrated almost on daily basis by he-who-I-shall-not name. Words and acts I have not made have been attributed to me by that deceiving lout. Therefore, I beg your indulgence to allow me to defend myself once in a while.
It never ceases to amaze me how someone can have so much hatred in him that without any supporting facts he can come up with such venomous conclusions. Is it because without this hate in your heart, you have no reason to get up from bed in the morning?

How can you give commentary on chess when you do not know a knight fork from a pawn move? Can a blind man give commentary on an archery contest? Is this a clue? Are things clearer now? Is this me making fun of  you? Do you see now how silly you sound when you write using just questions? (Maybe this is a good time to review what I wrote back in 2011)

And I love it when you shoot yourself in the foot. Normally I do not do this but this time I'll even link to your post so everyone can see how bias you are (which you deny) . It shows the hypocrisy you see. This is not opinion. These are personal vendetta you are on. Hate is an extremely negative emotion. Advice: It will consume and destroy you if it has not already.

How can you compare your son , Mark, with Sumant and Zhuo Ren? Sumant already represented the country at SEA Games, and no need to repeat Zhuo Ren's achievements at Istanbul. By comparison, Mark's best result was 2nd (tied) at NJ some years ago. Nobody even remembers it without you constantly hyping it up.

Targets set after the fact? Why you cannot believe me? Are you a liar? Or did you take to your keyboard before you have even read and comprehend what I wrote? Otherwise you should have noticed the part where I wrote " These targets were communicated to the team the day after we arrived in Istanbul".

Maybe you do not believe the whole men's team? How about these targets were communicated to Haslinda Ruslan (Head of Delegation), Gregory Lau (Captain and FIDE Delegate) and Peter Long (Women's coach and captain) before we even left for Istanbul? Clearer now or is this a clue?

You said the team will fail in Istanbul because it was not properly selected. I fail to see the logic but let's go along with that. The reverse should also be true - that a properly selected team should do extremely well. Now that the team has proved itself successfully (best result in years) I guess the selection was correct and everyone was properly selected. You validated us, thank you.

Also thanks for confirming again to the whole chess community that you are not interested in facts, just lying and spinning with your hatred.


Remis Aman said...

Jimmy, he doesn't know how to play, at least he knows how to count well...hahaha.

Tonberry said...

He just want his son to be the first gm in Msia. So when somebody block his path, he will become insane and attack those through blogs. Lies and lies had been spread daily. Before tat, for fuck sake, pls ask yourself(directed to the mad man) whether your son really has the gm talent or not.. he is definitely not le quang liem or Wesley so

Anonymous said...
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Simon said...

Jimmy, Well, for someone who really care, I can understand you will at times felt the need to really correct some of the lies spread around for you are not immortal :P

At times, FGM provides a good read (yes!) for the sheer entertainment. Sometimes amusing as he would quote everyone, someone or anyone that shared his opinions ... though these are mostly made up so that he seems to have the support more than reality. Other times, it is troubling to see his streak of hatefulness throughout the years.

His situation is already too deep and may not be recoverable to face the truth and instead prefer to continue believing in his false truth. An admission of his fault would be too hard to take for he would have wasted years over a wrong fight. He needs to realize that he is actually the one doing more harm indirectly to his son's chess career (if any) than helping it. He is also definitely destroying himself and his reputation ... the world will most definitely not end in Dec 2012, but how long can he sustains continuing this hate ... we shall see when it comes the time he stop posting.

abdooss said...

Have patience, Jimmy.
You know what? Though his credibility is now = 0 or less (negative something), we got to admit; He is very industrious (though for the wrong reasons),, more importantly, he is making us look good. Okay, okay, the real reason; he is making us chessplayers to unite (but united against him is another story).. look, a Hero needs a Villain. If he volunteered to be the villain in Msian Chess, that is his choice. Like I said, he is just making us look good.. and he is also keeping us entertained! Ini macam orang pun ada! :D

Jimmy Liew said...

but he spins and lies. look what he said in his latest post about me on Facebook.

TCB said...

Why bother to reply to the insane ? Well he represents "the majority" and you are just the minority. Joke of the year.

Jimmy Liew said...

I'm not just replying to the insane. It is also to ensure that the new parents and players know what is happening and not lead astray by his lies.

Simon said...

I'm actually quite surprising that MCF never take FGM to court with a defamation suit.

abdooss said...

Defamation suit? It will cost too much time, energy & money. Resources that are better spent on chess developments.
The 'elegant silence' also lets FGM have enough rope to hang himself.

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