Saturday, September 8, 2012

Malaysia round ten results

Men's Team

Malaysia's men's team bounced back from 9th round defeats to score a 3-1 victory over Japan. In round nine we were defeated by Columbia 1.5-2.5

Lim Zhuo Ren was rested today to avoid meeting a lower rated opponent. Zhuo Ren needs another draw from a 2300 player to make his first ever IM norm! Currently he has already scored the 66.67% number of points and assured of the FIDE Master title.

We were better on all boards at one stage. Yee Weng decided to draw to safeguard our match win after his advantage slipped away. Li Tian had an exchange up plus a passed pawn on the seventh rank. Still he decided not to press the win so the final result was two wins and two draws in our favour. Hopefully this result will ensure that we meet a strong team for Zhuo Ren to realise his IM norm hope.

Women's team

Our girls also recovered from a disastrous 4-0 loss to the Netherlands in round nine. In the tenth round, they were paired with the stronger Philippines team. Their score of 2-2 was a success though this could have been a 2.5-1.5 win if Najiha had converted an ending with an extra piece

Interestingly both Malaysia and Philippines were leading their group before this round. With this draw, Philippines would have lost their lead in Group C. Malaysia still have a chance to top Group D with a final round win.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. The final round starts earlier on 9th September at 11:00 A.M local time (4 PM in Malaysia).


Supporter said...

It is unfortunate that Malaysia is paired with Thailand. There goes Zhou Ren's IM norm chances. Please tell FM Zhou Ren not to despair.... he will get his chance... soon. Good luck in the final round Malaysia!

edfong said...

Below is my earlier comment in Wei Ming's blog carried over here, with clarifying edits:

"Zhuo-ren only needs to beat any 1800+ rated opponent to secure a 13-game IM performance norm. No need for an IM oppponent. An IM opponent is required only for a 20-game IM (Title result) Norm. A norm is still a norm.

I was thus surprised when I saw Malaysia's line-up against Japan. With his hot streak, Zhuo-ren obviously should have played as he had every chance to beat the 2211-rated Averbukh or the 2137-rated Japan 5th board. Someone made a boo-boo here.

Hopefully Zhuo-ren gets another chance with an even more suitable opponent in the final round. My best wishes to Zhuo-ren to get his norm."

With the team pairings now known, Zhuo-ren has to hope Thailand fields the 2273-rated Uaychai on 4th board in the final round, to have a shot at the IM performance norm. However a win is still needed. My hopes are with Zhuo-ren.

edfong said...

Seems Zhuo-ren's IM norm opportunity is on. My latest comment in Wei Ming's blog as below:

"Hi Junior, I believe you have a point there. Regulation 1.46a allows up to two unrated opponents out of 9. In that case, the Thai UR would be raised to the adjusted rating floor of 2050 since LZR's other opponents are rated.

My calculations show a win against the Thai UR would give LZR an Rp=2475, which is well above the 2450 requirement. However, a draw gives Rp=2421 which is not sufficient."

Jimmy Liew said...

A draw might be sufficient. The opponent is 2273 rated.

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Thanks guy for explaining about the norms. I've gave up already trying to understand FIDE regulation about the norms requirement.

It's just complicated with all the sections and subsections that i just hope that someone (perhaps Eddy Fong) will write about 'How to get GM/IM/FM norms for dummies".

I bet it will be a bestseller !?

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

One more thing Jimmy, i've to complaint about the requirement to "prove that i'm not a robot" when trying to post a comment in your blog.

...It's just damn difficult that i've failed 4 TIMES !!! to read that *&^%*#@ alphabets and numbers before my comment was publish.....

firestonemaster said...

testing 1,2,3. i am firestonemaster. hehehe

edfong said...

Yes, with a 2273-rated opponent, a draw would give LZR an Rp=2454 which just about meets the 2450 requirement. May the force be with Zhuo-ren.

edfong said...

LZR's opponents: 2630,2207,2429,2050*,2191,2234,2179,2398,2273 = 20591 total
(*1981 raised to adjusted rating floor)

Rating average of opponents = 20591/9 = 2288

A draw gives 6.5/9=0.72 <=> dp=166

Thus Rp = 2288+166 = 2454

Can somebody re-check my calculations.

Jimmy Liew said...

I already did the same calculations with the same result

Only thing I am not sure is whether rating performance allows raising an opponent's rating to rating floor.

The Chess Ninja said...

All this norm talk is pretty distracting for Zhuo Ren. My take is, he should just play chess, like he has been doing for all the previous rounds.

Goh Kim Hock said...

wow. Vietnam really surprised the chess world. They really got a world class player - Le Quang Liem.

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