Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the Istanbul Olympiad

At the 2012  Istanbul Olympiad, we had one of the more successfuly outings in many years.

Seeded 86th and finished 64th ahead of Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. We finished on same match point as Singapore but tie-breaks were superior for the Singaporeans.

For the first time in the men's participation, we finally had a norm result. Lim Zhuo Ren brings home his FM title plus a 13 game IM norm. The women's team also gained, WFM for Camilia and WCM for Tan Li Ting.

The women's team performed above their seeding to finish in 61st position. The tireless efforts of their coach, Peter Long no doubt contributed to their success. Read about it here

Next post I will write more details of our campaign at this olympiad.


Anonymous said...

May I know what a "13-game IM norm" means? What's the difference with just an "IM norm"?
Thx a lot..

Jimmy Liew said...

IM norm is made in a Swiss or round-robin tournament. So depending on the number of rounds you make a X round norm. Normally the minimum round is 9.

A 13 game norm is a obviously what it is. Except for olympiad, a 9 game performance norm is counted as 13 game.

If that is not confusing enough, a normal norm made in an olympiad is counted as 20 game :)

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Yeah... It is confusing. I am still finding it difficult to understand the calculation, but thankful that Swiss Manager is there to do it all.

Mok and Eddy Foong are probably the best in doing the math for this. Me? I am still learning.

Anonymous said...

well to get an IM title a player needs 27 game of IM performance. IM norm is achieved by getting a rating performance of at least 2450 and meet at least 5 title players in which 3 has to be at least IMs.

So usually its 3 tourney's(or 3 IM norms) cuz 27/3 is 9 games each tourney.

But in d olympiad its special cuz its a fide tourney so scoring a 9 game IM norm is equivalent to a 20 game IM norm( which is like 2 tourneys)or a performance norm(which means the 5 title player requirement is not needed) as in Zhou Ren's case is equal to a 13 game norm.

So simple.

Jimmy Liew said...

A performance norm still requires at least 3 IMs.

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