Monday, September 3, 2012

Malaysia vs. Tunisia

Update -  Match drawn 2-2

 Update - Li Tian had a simple win with 33...Rh1+ which will win material. Instead 33...Qd4? allowed 34. Bh2 and now black has to work harder to win.

Update -  Yee Weng is in trouble. There is a piece sac on g2 which will expose his king. Li Tian found the excellent move 29...Kh6! Black king look exposed but this is optical illusion, black king is actually much safer than white king. Li Tian should wrap this up in no time. Zhuo Ren is an exchange up and should win shortly. Minimum drawn match for Malaysia now.

Update - Mok resigned. Big blow to his GM norm chances.

Update - Yee Weng has 8 minutes to make it to move 40. And he is only on move 15 right now! Mok's opponent did not take the second pawn, so maybe Mok can still hold on. He tries to defend everything and exchange queens. Li Tian game looks real interesting now. He moved his king to h7 where white can play h4 and try to open the h-file against the king. But then the sneaky move ....Qf3! attacking the rook on h1 defeats that. So White plays 29.Qb1 planning a discovered check. But now i think black has 29...Kh6! where the black king is actually quite safe here!

Update -  Zhuo Ren should win. Li Tian has the edge but he cannot get his king rook out into play as his king is blocking it and it will take time for him to get it into the attack. Still I think he should win.
I'm resting today and the games already started over two hours ago. Things are not looking bright at the moment.

Board 1 - Mok just blundered two pawns after overlooking a tactic. It will be very difficult to even hold a draw.

Board 2 - Yee Weng played a strange line and even offered a piece after the opening. The opponent returned the piece to get a slightly superior position. Its too early to predict the result.

Board 3 - I like Li Tian's position even though his king looks unsafe on g8. We have already prepared similar positions and concluded that black is actually better due to his superior minor piece. Li Tian might win this.

Board 4 - Zhuo Ren has a nice tactic , 22. Nxe5! The point is that after 22...Bxg2 23 Qxf7+ Kh8 24. Qxe6 with threat of Nf7+ and also f3 traps and wins back the  black bishop with a winning position. Hope he sees it.

Realistically we can pray for a minimal win of 2.5-1.5 , or maybe a drawn match


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Hi Jimmy,

LZR have a better move. 24.Qxe6! Thretaning the Phillidor mate for e.g. 24...Bh1?? 25.Nf7++ and u know what i mean...

Anthony said...

LZR lost liao i think.., Mok's position.. looks very bad

Jimmy Liew said...

No, no. LZR should be winning , he has Nf7+ then win the rook on d8 with discovered check. Mok will try to hold on but he is shorter on time than opp.

Anthony said...

Soli........ I tot.. , LZR was black... LOL.. , Mok looks like can hold. , Hmmmm.... , lets hope 3rd and 4th board win, and Mok draw will do.

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

On the other hand, it looks like the ladies team is performing well and should wrap up another win (at least 2.5-1.5) against Bosnia. And with that, they will have 10 match points - way to go!!!

Camilia seems to be doing rather well.... Impressive!

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