Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Updated DATCC Q1 Activities - as of 25th January 2011

Bloggers and Friends

Foremost, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you for the recent publicity and write up that you have provided in your blog to assist us in advertising events, activities and programs that will be conducted in DATCC. Your assistance have indeed helped to further promote DATCC as the leading chess center in the country. Thank you again!

Since I last sent you the DATCC Calendar for Quarter 1, there were some changes made and information/events added  to the calendar, which also incorporates some other events including MCF events that has been made known to me. Again, I hope that you can share this calendar with your readers and blog followers or alternatively, direct them to our blog site to help promote our events, and other chess events around the country.

Some of the changes made, additions added are as follows. At the same time, I would also like to get your feedback on certain events/programs that we would like to conduct at DATCC, to weigh whether it is a worthwhile event to run – timing and feasibility wise. Again, appreciate your time to help and assist.
1)    The FIDE Rated event which was planned to start in February (1 game per week) has been cancelled. The period is too long and I doubt I can get players to commit for 9 weeks to complete a FIDE Rated Event. I believe 3 weeks stretch (with alternate weekends) maybe a more acceptable option. I welcome suggestions from you guys.
2)    If there is an Individual FIDE Rated Event, it will probably start sometime in April, just before the CAS Selangor Open scheduled during the Labor Day weekend
3)    The Team FIDE Rated Event – 4th KL Chess League, is scheduled to start in June/July
4)    Lim Chong Memorial Event is scheduled for 27th March 2011. The event is to honor and remember Lim Chong, chess journalist/player who has been a part of the chess community for more than 20 years. The guest of honor for the event shall be Jan Lim, Lim Chong’s wife and is expected to be attended by Lim Chong’s former colleagues from NST and BERNAMA.
5)    The venue for National Closed has yet to be determined but DATCC has offered its playing hall for MCF to host the event.

Please do not hesitate to contact me as per my contact details below should you have questions, inquiries, clarifications, suggestions, feedback, etc. You can also go to our blog site to check out the events that we have – we have added more pages to the blog site! 

Thank you and Warm Regards
Najib Abdul Wahab
DATCC Logo Email
Program Manager/Coordinator
Tel: +6016 338 2542


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