Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Poisoned Pawn

Once upon a time when FGM first appeared on the blog scene, the writer appeared to have good intentions to advance Malaysian chess. At one time, he came under some attack from bloggers and readers. It appeared to be just personal and I defended Mr. Siew - it just seemed the decent thing to do at the time. He was very approving of me then.

Once he had set his foot in the chess blog scene and maybe thinking he had some support, FGM changed like a chameleon. He started to pose as an authority on chess and quick to silence his critics. I started to distance myself from him.

Today, I am being mentioned on his blog as "promoting slanderous blogs","hiding behind his IM title" and choice expressions are used to describe me such as "poisonous snake".

Lets see what he has to write in his post Which is worse

On the other hand Jimmy uses his IM title to promote and protect what they say. He doesnt say anything slanderous himself. He starts the ball rolling by first distorting a statement and then the rabid hate blogs take over. The anonymous shouts happen in the shout boxes. So we all start shadow boxing.

But hey, there is one in the forefront. He is not scared. He relies on that IM title to protect him.

Which is worse? The one who hides in the dark from fear or the one who is in the open protecting an illusory right of the elite players to continue playing for the Country long after they have ceased to be competitive.

If I am the problem it is because of posts like this which FGM uses to drag me into his paranoia world. There is no end to this "war". FGM will only give up when his son leaves chess and he has no more personal interest in it. We are not improving the chess scene contrary to what FGM thinks. Instead we are slowly destroying it.

After long thought I decided enough is enough. Read this series of comments we had in one of his posts.

[Jimmy] Stop mentioning my name or referencing me on your blog. Your attacks on my name are getting more bolder and bolder. You may overstep the line eventually.

[FGM] You make many personal attacks on me and I am merely asking my readers to understand why you are doing it. Does that answer your question?

[Jimmy] Point out where I made personal attacks on you. I dont remember posting anything like that. Parody was a humor post , if you consider that an attack?

I had actually checked all my postings for any such personal attacks. There is none as he himself had acknowledged in his post which I highlighted in italics.

[FGM] Lets just say we are on different sides to issues Jimmy and leave it at that. Read my last post. I will continue expressing my opinions. Thank you for dropping by. Have a good day.

[Jimmy] Ok, status quo maintained.

[FGM] Yes Jimmy, I will continue to lend my voice for improvements.

And now FGM sets a cunning trap for me.

[FGM] Are you asking for a truce Jimmy? If you are then use your wide experience to help us improve and I will support that.

I thought we can finally settle our differences. I let my guard down forgetting he is a master of mind manipulation. I took the poisoned pawn.

[[Jimmy] Yes, a truce. I do not have the time or energy to fight an unwinnable war. You stop making insinuations against me and my name, preferably not mention me at all in your blog. In return I will not comment any more on you either. We leave each other alone. How's that?

I must say I never expected and was truly shocked by his reply. There is simply no sincerity in him.

:) You promote another slanderous blog and then you offer a truce. Somehow I dont think the spirit is right. But thank you for the offer anyway. I reserve my right to voice my opinion and to take appropriate action when necessary.

Note that I never asked him to stop voicing his opinion. All I wanted was for him not drag me into his crazy distorted world. There was nothing left to say. It was a poisoned pawn and I took it.

[[Jimmy] As u wish

We already have our first grandmaster. Unfortunately not in chess but in mind games.

I am a fast learner and I will not fall into this trap again. Now let me go and promote some slanderous blogs somewhere.


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