Tuesday, January 18, 2011


First GM has accused me, Rationality and Chess Ninja of slander. He does not know the difference between slander and libel, but that's ok. He wants an apology or else he threatens a police report against the three of us.

Mr. Siew (yes I know you will read this) , can you please point out how you were slandered? Precise and to the point please, I tire of having to wade through your blubbering.


Jimmy Liew said...

Rationality and Chess Ninja, if you read this contact me through email cmliewjimmy at yahoo dot com to discuss. Do not use an email address that can identify who you are to me, create a new one if necessary.

abdooss said...

Malaysian Chess does not need this fight.

I was in Malaysian Taekwondo - lawsuits only bring bad reputation to Malaysian Taekwondo (as sponsors shied away) and hinders players' developments for so many years.

Can't we learn from their mistake?

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