Monday, January 24, 2011

Chess is a cruel game

I learnt long ago that chess can be a most cruel game. One wrong move can mean the difference between a first and second prize, a title norm or a near miss at a norm.

if you do not believe, look no further than  the on-going Tata Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee. In the "A" group, a very strong field amongst which are Anand, Carlsen , Aronian , Kramnik etc. Any up and coming player will give anything to be in such company. Anish Giri is such a one. He is doing well with 4/8 even beating Carlsen !.

In the "B" group, Filipino star Wesley So is leading with 6/8 score. He will have a chance at next year's "A" group if he wins the "B" group this year. But I cannot help but think that he and Giri should have been in the reverse situation.

At last year's "B" group, Wesley had a winning position against Giri who continued playing (so much for those who keep insisting that a gentleman should resign lost games). Giri set a desperate trap which Wesley fell into and got himself mated. Here is the game.

A win for Wesley would mean he would have topped the "B" and receive the rare invitation to play in this year's "A" group. Instead Giri has taken his place. All because of one move (36. Ne2).


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