Friday, January 28, 2011

Let the truth be known - "thrown game" fiasco

I really did not want to mention FGM blog anymore but Mr Siew have been relentless in his assault on me. And I have to defend myself.

He says that I hide behind my IM title. This is really a low blow coming even from Mr. Siew. I thought he might still have some decency in his soul. Degrading a title that is not held just by me but other Malaysians and thousands throughout the world.

Yes I do hide but not behind any title. I hide behind three shields let me introduce to FGM what they are - Truth, Decency and Common Sense.

FGM promotes many lies and misdirection, it will take too long to list them here. Today let's just look at the matter of the "thrown game" in his post Paying to represent the country where he writes "Stories, true or not, of them wanting to sell books and not wanting to play. Stories of them wanting to lobby amongst the delegates for business deals and not wanting to play. Stories of handphone ringing and throwing a game."

That last sentence really irked me. Someone threw a game in an olympiad?? That got me mad. Does this guy have some inside info or just trying to stir something up? After all he was not there. I posted in the comments.

[Jimmy] Please tell us all who was the one throwing the game. Otherwise retract your statements.

I'm trying to be polite.

[FGM] I am quite curious about the way you (and certain other seniors) use belligerence instead of reasoning to try to get your way. Is that how they broke you?

He goes off on a tangent and even throws in a slur on me in the last sentence. The term "broke" has a very negative connotation. In the old West in America, wild horses were tamed using various methods. When the horse has given up and accepted that it has a master, it is said to be broken. When someone says you are "broken" it means you are no longer your own man, you obey and take orders from some else.

This got me a little mad.

[Jimmy]Just answer the question, stop diverting the issue

I cannot answer a non question. Go and re-read. I am sorry I cannot indulge your imagined slights or respond to your fervid bitterness. You have to do that work yourself. If you find it so difficult to look in the mirror I suggest you go to the sites that do not bring up the real and genuine issues of concern to the chess community.

I realize he has no idea what himself has written.

The question is who you are referring to that threw a game in an olympiad. Ok, let me reproduce the sentence here since you have problems locating it "Stories of handphone ringing and throwing a game.". Which of the ten players threw a game? I think the other nine have a right to have their name cleared.

I am sorry you cannot read or understand context. So I will indulge you this one time. The only mention of a thrown game was the handphone ringing. Stop your nonsense and stupidity. Try to do something productive. You have started on a series. Go and continue that. Think deeply and offer solutions. No one has forgotten your contributions. You do not need to remind us by childish outbursts. I will delete all future inane and nonsensical postings from you. Do not waste your time and mine.

Any chess player knows that the term "throwing a game" means except Mr. Siew. The correct term to use would be "forfeited". When I realized he had made a mistake (after all he knows little about chess) I left it at that. The were many comments after that from anonymous readers not from me. All of them were upset with the fact that he had sullied Mas reputation.

The arrogance of this man is that despite knowing the mistake was from him, yet till today he has not retracted his post nor offered any apology to anyone. In his mind, he has done nothing wrong. It's everyone else that is wrong. Instead he complains that his statements are twisted to put him in bad light. We are supposed to read his mind and interpret what is in there, not what he writes.

So that is the story of my participation in the "thrown game" issue. Yet FGM is constantly using this episode as proof that I am a liar. There are other incidents maybe I might or might not write about it.


HeinzK said...

Game thrown away?

Jimmy Liew said...

Forfeited game because of phone ring.

Thought said...

I have a question:

"They" who broke you, who are "they"?

Jimmy Liew said...

There is no "they". This is FGM mind tricks at work. "They" are the group in FGM mind that opposes him

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