Friday, October 1, 2010

Round 10 live commentary

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Board 1 IM Mas Hafizulhelmi - FM Jones Richard S

Board 2 Bennett Alan - IM Mok Tze-Meng

Mok plays his Modern Defence with 6..Ne4 which results in a weak pawn aftr 7. Nxe4 dxe4. I think he played this before probably in Turin Olympiad if not mistaken.

Mok sacrifices an exchange for two pawns. I do not see a clear winning plan for Mok.

8:28 PM: Mok has created a mating net out of nowhere! Nice. White forced to give a piece to stop mate.

Board 3 FM Long Peter - CM Jones Iolo

Peter plays his English Opening.

Peter has pressure on his opponent position. He will probably convert it.

Board 4 Young Alan - Gregory Lau

A French for Greg and white gambits a pawn with 6. h4. If you do not know the line, you can get into trouble very easily.

Greg declines to win the pawn, in this line his king goes to f8 and he gives up option of castling.

Greg finally grabs the pawn but he will be under pressure from the open lines and his uncastled king will be a source of worry for him.

Greg takes the e-pawn - he has to - otherwise his position will be permanently cramped. Now he just need to survive. Both players in time trouble now as they have to reach the 40th move.

8:30 PM: Greg in his element now in time trouble. I mean he is better in time pressure than his opponent.

8:41 PM: Looks like I spoke too soon. Greg blundered horribly 31...Rh8??


7:49 PM: Things are not going well. Nobody have a clear plus yet. Greg is in great danger as he has not solved his king-side problem, the rook remains on h8. Peter appears to be losing some pawns. Mok does not look like he can make something of his position.

8:11 PM: Right now the only one who have chances of winning is Mok, by virtual of his totally imbalanced position. Peter might be lost to be followed by Greg. I can hardly bear to watch this.

8:31 PM: Peter is lost now. Mok and Greg turning their game around. Mas starting to show his class. Maybe a 2.5-1.5 win or 3-1 even.

8:42 PM: We have to depend on our experienced duo to draw this match now.

10:00 PM: Malaysia draw with Wales 2-2

Women's game:
Alia has some advantage (more active pieces).
Alia about to win a pawn! She choose the wrong way to win the pawn and lost it back. Now her win is slipping away

Today's good news is that Alia's opponent managed to blunder and lose rook for knight. Alia with R v B winning ending now!.

10:35 PM: Alia wins


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