Sunday, October 3, 2010

Final Round live commentary

Live games are here

All games still jockeying for position in the opening.

Board 1 Al Sulaiti Ali - IM Mas Hafizulhelmi

Black transposes to a Benko Gambit which white decline. Here is a struggle for the queen-side squares - b5 and c4. Whoever can control these squares better will have the advantage.

Live games show Mas lost? Don't know why but sometimes the live relay has problems and errors. Hope it is a mistake.

Board 2 IM Mok Tze-Meng - Bukhalaf Khalil

Black cannot do much with his broken king-side pawns. Mok now have space advantage and potentially strong bishop on g2.

Mok must win this to win the match. If the black queen leave the f5 square then Nf5+ will win the f6 pawn (and the game).

Board 3 Ayyad Maher - FM Long Peter
White's tenth move 10.e4 is rather unusual in this position. He weakened the d-pawn voluntarily. Black should equalize now with 15...Nxe5 16. dxe5 Qc7 and exchange the light-square bishop. White will have the weak e-pawn and slightly worse bishop in an ending.

Now 17. Rd7 can be answered with Rfd8 pinning the rook.

Peter got a good position in a Q+B V Q+B ending

Peter has a better ending but it is not winnable

Peter agrees to draw. Up to Mok now. Mok may have something now.

Board 4 FM Ayyad Husain - Gregory Lau

13...e4 14. Nd2? inviting e3 and white have to capture. Instead 14. Nd4 to answer 14...e3 with 15. f3. White's position looks bad now.

Nice tactic from Greg, 23.Nd5 winning.

Greg finishing brilliantly. 25..Kxf8 26. Qd8+ Re8 27. Bg7+ Kg8 28. Qxe8+ mate


Greg winning, Peter drawing, Mas has lost. Mok has to win his game to take the match.

Mok is winning so we win the match by the narrowest margin, 2.5-1.5

Our women's team also secured a win through Nabila and Mi Yen who both won and Roslina draw. Nabila beat a Women Grand Master.


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