Monday, October 11, 2010

Carlsen loses again, Kramnik leads

What's up with Magnus Carlsen this days? First a really poor performance at the Olympiad, losing three games. Now two consecutive loses in as many rounds at Bilbao.

Granted, this is a very strong field but still this is something unexpected from the highest rated player today. This is only a six round tournament, so there is no way he can make a comeback. Unless he wins his next four games. I'm a Carlsen fan but even so, I cannot believe that is possible.

Kramnik is in great form as he won another game by beating Shirov. So the current standings are:

1. Kramnik 6 points
2. Anand 4 points
3. Shirov 1 points
4. Carlsen 0 points

The third round sees Anand playing against Kramnik. This should be interesting to see what Anand else he has in his repertoire for Kramnik.


The Chess Ninja said...

Not trying to be a perfectionist, but this is Bilbao. So Kramnik has 6 points, Anand 4, Shirov 1, and Carlson 0. And you used Shirov's name in place of Kramnik's :P

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Part time blogger is a tough job Chess Ninja. We don't have editor to did the proof reading whatsoever. Jimmy's mistake is understandable because i also did the same mistake frequently.

Having said that, typing Shirov 2 times ( 1st and 3rd) place really make my day Jimmy ! :)

n@jd0rf said...

That's what 'comment' column is for.. :)

Jimmy Liew said...

"Not trying to be a perfectionist" , haha, thanks a lot ninja...

Jimmy Liew said...

Maybe Shirov might pull something out of his bag of tricks....then I will be recognized for the prophet that I am :)

abdooss said...

Carlsen is young enough to experiment a lot.. he is not scared of losing, to discover himself.. As Sun Tzu once said, "If you knew yourself and your enemy well, you will be undefeated in 1,000 battles"..

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