Thursday, October 7, 2010

Impersonations of chess blogs

I love watching impersonations. You know, people acting like other (usually famous) people.

Then my every active mind started thinking, what if we could do impersonations of chess bloggers? What would that look like? Well, wondor no more, here is my impersonation of some well-known Malaysian chess bloggers.

But first to get into the proper frame of mind, here is an example of what I mean, Kevin Spacey doing impersonations of other actors.

Ok , now here goes my impersonations of (in)famous Malaysian chess bloggers


Olympiad Round 8 live...zzzzzzz
Olympiad Round 9 live...zzzzzzz
Olympiad Round 10 live...zzzzzzz

DAT Chess Centre

Olympiad Round 8 live
Olympiad Round 9 live
Olympiad Round 10 live

First GM.

Can you see this? If you can join all the dots, and not drop the ball , shut out the noise then maybe....we have something here. can you understand this?


This isn't fucking poetry. If you want to see beautiful language, go read Shakespeare and if you didn't wish to be further dragged into this 'debate', you would have never made a reply.

Do you really think we have the IQ of a dead frog? We know we didn't find out who you were talking about through our brilliant skills of observation and investigation.


The Chess Ninja said...

Can't help but laugh. Good one. What is your impression of you? Hahaha...

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