Friday, August 15, 2014

Tromso Olympiad Final Results

The Tromso Olympiad will be remembered for China's first ever gold and the failure of Russia, Ukraine and Armenia to win any medals.

In the Open, the silver went to Hungary on tie-break. A great send-off for GM Judit Polgar who had just announce her retirement. A deserving final olympiad for a great player and classy lady. The big surprise was India taking the bronze, again on tie-break ahead of Russia. A great success for the Indians who are playing without their best player, Anand. The team performed fantastically and only lost two games. Their fourth board , GMAdhiban played every game without loss.

In the Women Olympiad, Russia took gold ahead of China (silver) and Ukraine (bronze).

Board Prizes

Board prizes are awarded to the players with the highest performance on their boards. The most closely watched is the Open Board 1 which was won by Veselin Topalov, even after losing to Vladimir Kramnik.

Note China's Yu Yangyi performance on board three, an unbelievable 2912!

Open Board Prize Winners

Women Board Prize Winners

Malaysian results

Both Malaysian team lost all games in the final round, the men's to Norway and our women's to Australia. This was a tragedy for our girls as they were leading Category "C" before the final round. A draw would still have given them the bronze but the Australians were too strong. The only two consolations was Azhar Puteri Rifqah Fahada gaining the WFM and WCM norms with her 6/9 score and  the team finished in 54th position out of a seeding of 78th.

The men's team finished in 72nd position better than the seeding of 103rd.  A good result but still, a bit of a distance from the previous Istanbul olympiad where we finished in 64th position.


abdooss said...

Good try, anyway, and I rue that Carlsen was missing in the final round.
But well, there will always be next time.
Yeah, put it very simple in a picture with a caption ; "... Hammer helped Norway in a 4-0 clean sweep of the very weak team of Malaysia..."

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the team! Although this years team finished behind the Istanbul team, it was only due to tie-breaks, which every chess player knows involves an element of luck. On a more positive note, this years team(despite a glaring lack of experience) easily left the Dresden(which had 4 IM's!!) and the Khanty Mansiysk teams in the dust. Losing 4-0 in the last round and still finishing far above those teams just goes to show how far these young players have come.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Syabas !!! and welldone to malaysian hero's n heroin' proud.....nobody can say anything about your achievements......your achievement r based on your own effort and struggle through out these years.....and not due to MCF!!!!

Anonymous said...

When is MCF elections?

Frankie Kam said...

Heroes and heroines

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, the men's team finished on 72.

Anonymous said...
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