Sunday, August 10, 2014

Round 7: Malaysia beats Nigeria 4-0, Russia in shock

In the seventh round of the Tromso Olympiad, the Malaysian men beat Nigeria 4-0. Everyone won smoothly as the Nigerians offered little resistance. Malaysia is now in 65th position with 8 match points and extra-ordinary result.

However there is still four more rounds to go. In the eight round Malaysia will meet Pakistan. The Pakistanis are seeded 159, but this is due to their having three unrated players and they are not weak. On paper it looks like Malaysia have another chance to win their fifth match but the opponents cannot be under-estimated.

Their were two leaders at the start of round seven. The surprise is that neither are the heavy favourites, who are finding this olympiad unusually tough. Cuba lost 1.5-2.5 to Azerbaijan despite Domingo Lenier beating Mamedvyrov. Azerbaijan is now in the sole lead with 13 match points.

The biggest shock is Russia's demolition by the  Czech Republic 1-3. Both their top boards lost their games.

Another big surprise is Carlsen losing to Germany's Arkadij Naiditsch. All other games were drawn so Norway has lost 1.5-2.5 to Germany.

China, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and surprise Romania are in second spot with twelve points.China will meet the leader ,Azerbaijan , in round eight.


Anonymous said...

why isn't sumant fielded?

Jimmy Liew said...

Someone has to rest?

Anonymous said...

Give the poor man a chance to play. He pleaded that it was his lifelong dream to play for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Rested again. He is so tired?

Anonymous said...

He has already achieved his dream. He has played four games.

Anonymous said...

Why so afraid to play? Not like it is the world championship game? Give Aron a rest. He hasn't stopped playing since Round 1. There isn't any IM norms or titles at stake anyway.

Anonymous said...

what is ramli doing in tromso? pls stay at home and to something for MCF!!!

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