Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Round 11: Malaysian Women's

I have not been following our Malaysian women's team as there are just too many interesting matches and games in every round. I only knew that they were doing very well. I have just checked their progress and very happy to report their success.

The team has scored 12 match points (same as the men) and lies in 40th position. A very good result as they are original seeded 78th. In the olympiads, there are rating categories with trophies for gold, silver and bronze. Malaysia is leading Category C and a win will give them the gold. For the record, our women's won the bronze in the 2012 Istanbul olympiad.

The fifth board, Azhar Puteri Rifqah Fahada, is making her first olympiad appearance, and very successfully too. Losing only one game in eight matches, she has 6/8 and a 2105 rating performance. This means that she has the chance to get one WFM norm with a good result in the final game. The years of hard work that she has put in is finally paying off.

In the final round, the team meets Australia.


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