Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Round 10: Malaysia draws Switzerland!

Our Men's team has just completed their games against Switzerland and the surprise result was a draw!
In this match, strangely all black players won!

On first board, IM Lim Yee Weng jumped on a mistake by GM Pelletier and suddenly his bishops became too menacing. Yee Weng finished with winning tactic starting with 25...Bxf2+. The same also happened on third board when IM Georgladis weakened his king-side with the f4 push and again Yit San crashed through the white king-side. This draw puts Malaysia on 12 match points same as the Istanbul team but with an extra round to go. A final round win will put this team on a best ever placing in any olympiad.


zackbany said...

Congratulations Malaysian Team !! you make us proud !! make Tromso your home ground, bulldozed every opponent even they are higher rated than you !! Love the spirit of the underdog!!

abdooss said...

Well done Malaysia! Malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Hoping Magnus Carlsen continue to have off-form against Malaysia. Dare we dream!

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