Monday, August 4, 2014

Round 3 - Malaysia vs South Africa

Round three is about to start and Malaysia is paired with South Africa. This will be the first real test whether this team can score against slightly stronger opposition. On paper, the South Africans are the stronger team but not so strong that an upset is not possible.

The South Africans have three International Masters and everyone is rated higher than our players. However I believe our players have chances. On board one, Yee Weng's game should be the one to watch as he goes up against the experienced IM Kenny Solomon. Chances are equal here.

Aron is up against IM Henry Steel who I think recently obtained his IM title. Aron has been playing very well. His black openings are very well worked out and I think a draw here is an expected result.

Yit San's game is unpredictable. If black plays the opening that Yit San likes, he has chances.

Fadzil Nayan has black but he does not crack easily provided he is not awed by his opponent or the occasion. Self confidence is the key here and our guy has it. I give this equal chances for both sides.

My verdict

2-2 !


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