Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Judit Polgar announces retirement

A piece in ChessBase about Judit Polgar's retirement from chess. Lots of mixed emotions I have now.


Luís RS said...

My favourite player ever.
Sad news.
Wish you could reconsider, and at the same time thank you for beeing such a Queen, a person with principles, and for so many fantastic games.
Warm regards.
Luís Rebelo de Sousa

Anonymous said...
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Jimmy Liew said...

To above anonymous, mind your language

abdooss said...

Judit Polgar broke a record that Robert James Fischer had held for over 30 years (at the age of fifteen years and five months)
Salute to the strongest woman chess player ever!
Thank you for the Queen sacrifices in your games, such as this one - .

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