Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three rounds of K.L. Open 2014

So many titled players at this year's K.L. Open. This is a dream tournament for anyone with ambitions for title norms. The venue is the Olympic Hotel along Jalan Hang Jebat in Kuala Lumpur.

Three players have the lead with full points. Two time champion Sergei Tiviakov of the Netherlands leads with Indian GM Venkatesh and GM Nguyen Anh Dung from Vietnam.

Today is a much needed rest day for me. Two rounds on Saturday was just too much. I managed to draw a rook ending against GM Laxman and in the afternoon lost to GM Richard Bitoon.

Yeoh Li Tian is having a better tournament than me. After drawing the first round against Cyrus Low from Singapore, he reeled off two straight wins, one against Indian GM Neeloptal. By the way, the first round draw is not that surprising. Cyrus Low is one of the brightest juniors to come out of Singapore. At the end, Li Tian had two extra pawns in an opposite colored bishop ending but the pawns could not advance without the bishop sacrificing itself for both.

The first board is broadcast live and you can follow the game at the official site.


Anonymous said...

Yeoh Li Tian has the tendency to starts strongly and faded away as tournaments progress. Ithink he need to work on his mental strenght and stamina.

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