Thursday, April 24, 2014

Malaysian Masters: Li Tian wins

Yeoh Li Tian has won the 2014 Malaysian Masters with a round to spare. He beat his nearest rival, Ng Tze Han, yesterday afternoon to post a 4/4 score. The other two games were drawn. This means Li Tian has a 1.5 points lead over the rest of the field.

Tze Han and Ahmad Fadzil remains in the second place with 2.5 points each. Last year's joint winner, Aron Teh has 2 points and still has a theoretical chance to take one of the three spots for this year's olympiad team. For this to happen he must win over Sumant today and hope that there is a decisive result in the Tze Han - Ahmad Fadzil game. Unfortunately for him, it is more likely that the two will agree a draw to protect their placing. There could be a three way tie for 2nd-3rd placing.


Anonymous said...

Questions - Why is there another selection to cater for Yee Weng? Couldn't have Yee Weng played in the Malaysian Masters? Why waste time on another round robin?

Jimmy Liew said...

Good question. I posed this same question to an mcf official last night. I was not satisfied with his answers

Anonymous said...

What did the official say?

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