Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 K.L. Open (Part 1)

A little story about how I got to play in the K.L. Open. Peter Long started a K.L. Open event on Facebook. I clicked on "Going" meaning that I will go and watch the games. Next thing I know, my name is in the list of participants and Peter already announced my entry on his blog. Not wanting to embarrass him with a retraction, I went along even though I am not in my best form. This can be seen in the recent National Championships where I finished out of the top three.

In round one, I had an interesting rook ending against an unrated Indonesian

Jimmy Liew - Ferdinand Hutabarat

Black has control of the only open file. However, white has the pawn breaks g4 and d5 so the initiative lies with him. Black's last chance for a draw was  52...Rf1 taking up a position behind the white passed pawn.

Round 2 was another rook ending against the Indian GM Laxman. Black has the situation under control and with the potential outside passed pawn on the queen-side, there should be little to fear.

GM Laxman - IM Jimmy Liew

In round three my first loss to GM Richard Bitoon. Not much to say except the grandmaster understanding of the middle-game was far superior. A couple of bad moves and I drifted into a lost position. Round four was yet another rook ending against the Singaporean kid, Cyrus Low who is much stronger than his rating indicated.

Cyrus Low - IM Jimmy Liew

An extra pawn in a rook ending should be an easy win, so I thought and I played my next move without my thinking which probably threw away the win or at least made it very difficult.


Anonymous said...

You have done your best mr Jimmy, even if not completely prepared.

jagathees said...

Welldone Sir....

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