Friday, April 25, 2014

Kasparov Gala Dinner

Last night, I attended the Kasparov Gala Dinner and Charity Drive at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Putrajaya as a guest of  Dato' Tan Chin Nam.

The night started with some speeches. The best speech was from UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamalludin. My respect for him grew although I did not get to meet him personally. Khairy is a new breed of UMNO politicians; more moderate with a modern outlook unlike the older ones.

Khairy is a very charismatic speaker and most importantly to me, he was enjoying himself last night especially during the simul by Kasparov against five VIPs. Whether posing for photos or cheering the simul participants on, he blended in well with the crowd last night.

Dinner was followed by a photo opportunity with Kasparov himself. Sadly I did not manage to take one with him but I did steal this shot during the simul :)

 Later, Kasparov presented a cheque for USD 25,000 to the Malaysian Chess Federation.

 This was a great opportunity to meet old chess friends. Amongst them was a student of mine back in the eighties , Chen Tien Yue. Currently he is the Executive Director of Selangor Pewter.

Some of the VIPs of the simultaneous; from left is Johan Merican  (TalentCorp, CEO  ), a former student of mine, Chen Tien Yue (Selangor Pewter, Executive Director), standing next to him is UMNO Youth Chief ,Khairy Jamalludin who is not playing.

This pewter chess set was created by Selangor Pewter for the occasion. 

Ismail , here is your photo!

The night ended around 10:45 PM. A few of us stayed back to discuss the Malaysian Masters and the coming controversial MCF Selection for the team to participate in the Tromso Olympiad.


Peter Long said...

Controversial selection? Interesting! Who actually decided this? Your next post?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you knew Chen Tien Yue during Selangor Pewter days, but it is essentially called Royal Selangor these days.

Jimmy Liew said...

Thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you looked very smart in the photo! :)

Lim said...

Nice shit jimmy!!! Looking lk a boss!

Anonymous said...

mr Jimmy, you look awesome !! should be one of the VIP !

Anonymous said...

At the close of nomination for Fide President, Malaysia has nominated... no one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Malaysia and by default MCF takes from both sides. Hopefully, the funds taken are accounted for and used for the development of chess in Malaysia.

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