Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Malaysian Masters: Yeoh Li Tian beats Aron Teh

Yeoh Li Tian - Aron Teh

White has to do something before black can play ...Nf6 attacking his e-pawn.

22. e5

This seems like a mistake at first, giving up the e-pawn. However White has seen that he will recover the pawn on c5  

Bxg2 23. Rxg2 dxe5 24. Na4 exf4 25. exf4 Nf6 26. Nxc5 Rb6 27. Kb2 Rc6 28. b4  

 White is not afraid to push the pawns in front of his king, having calculated that there is no danger.  

28...a5 29. a3 axb4 30. axb4 Ne4 31. Nd7+ Kg8 32. Rd4 Rce6 

The first inaccuracy. Black must play 32...Rg6 to avoid tactical problems.

33. f5 Rd6 34. Rxd6 cxd6 

He cannot retake with the knight because of 35.Nf6+ winning the rook

35. Re2 f6 36. b5 Re7 37. c5! 

The winning move. 37...Rxd7 36. c6 Re7 37. b6 and the passed pawns are unstoppable
37... dxc5 38. Nxc5 Re5 39. Rxe4 Rxc5 40. Rb4

White has a winning rook ending. The black rook will have to return to b8 to stop the white passed pawn. White just have to move his king up the board to support the b-pawn and it is over.

40... h5 41. b6 Rc8 42. b7 Rb8 43. Kc3 Kf7 44. Kd4 Ke7 45. Kc5 Kd7 46. Kb6 Kd6 47. Re4 Kd5 48. Re1 1-0


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