Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 K.L. Open (Part 2)

My round five opponent was my weakest and I won without much difficulty.

In round six, I faced the strong Indian IM Das Arghyadip who already has a GM norm. After an original opening variation, I had equalised at least.

IM Das Arghyadip - IM Jimmy Liew
White played 20. Nd4 instead he could have drawn immediately with

20. Bxe6+ fxe6 21. Qxe6+ Kc7 (The reason why the other king move does not work 21... Kb8 22. Qxf6 Qe3+ 23. Rd2 Rxd2 24.Nxd2 and now black cannot play ...Rd8) 22. Qf7+ Kc8 23. Qe6+ Kc7 24. Qf7+ 

Still, the game was agreed drawn in a few more moves where I had good prospects to play for a win.

IM Jimmy Liew - Fong Yit Ho
Yit Ho was having a great tournament with 3.5 points so far. But he had faced four IMs and one FM! Black cannot take on d3 due to the check on c8, so clearly the king needs to have some air; 20...h6 was an obvious move. However Yit Ho made serious weaknesses on the black squares with 20...h5? and the end came quickly

Round 8 was drawn without too much difficulties. I had to calculate one variation to make sure that I reached a drawn ending.

IM Rolando Nolte - IM Jimmy Liew

IM Jimmy Liew - IM Moulton Ly

In the final round I reached the above position. White is very slightly worse due to his queen-side pawn structure but nothing serious that cannot be defended with accurate play. I should just play 22. Bf4 taking control of the important h2-b8 diagona. Instead I started to hallucinate a king-side attack and pushing my g and h-pawn for no reason. The resulting weakened pawn structure was exploited by my opponent masterly.

Despite this last setback I felt satisfied with my play and results. My final total was five points and amongst my opponents were two grandmasters and three international masters.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks and grateful for your reviewed games on the KL Open Mr Jimmy, it is beneficial for a budding player like me.If it is not too much, I would like to ask few question as below:

1. What is your preparation before a tournment in terms of physical preparation i.e do you keep your fitness, health by jogging, yogaor anything in particular?

2. Do you have special diet before and during tournament day?

3. How do you prepare your opening repertoire? do you include new ones or just rely on your tested and reliable existing repertoire?

Thanking you in advance and hope that these question will not annoy you in any way.

Jimmy Liew said...

1. I do not have special physical preparations.

2. No special diet. However recently I have started to reduce sugar intake and also rice intake. I found that this helped physically as I was able to maintain concentration longer than previously. Other than that I try not to eat food that will cause tummy problems (e.g curries) because I have a long history of these kind of problems.

3. Each year I prepare a set of openings that I wish to use for that year. Some are new lines but some could come from previous years. Sometimes these work well sometimes not e.g 2013 was a very bad year for me. Then I relook all those that did not work well and improve on it for this year.

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