Monday, November 19, 2012

World Youth is over

The 2012 World Youth Chess Championship in Maribor, Slovenia is over. The big winners are India and Russia who each won gold in three events.

Our best Malaysian player is Lye Lik Zang competing in the U-8 Open category. He drew the last game against the eventual winner to finish 7th on tie-breaks with 8 points. His only loss came in round four when he was better or winning most of the time. That game can be viewed here.

Goh Jie Yi and Nabila  won their last two games and finished with seven points each. Najiha also won her last two to finish with 6.5 points.

The full results of our players -

I end this post with another game by Lik Zang. I'm really impressed with his handling of his round eight game. There are flaws but considering the two player's age it is very good game. In the position below, the rook absolutely dominates the two black minor pieces but the game still needs winning.

Lye Lik Zang - A. Makhanov
43. Rh7 Ne7 44. Rh8+ Ng8 45. Rh7 Ne7 46. Rf7+ 

No draw!

Kg8 47. Rf6 Kg7 48. f5 !?

White can win by bringing his king over to the queen-side and capture some pawns as Black is hopelessly tied up on the king-side. But still kudos to Lik Zang for finding this move, the point being to penetrate further with the king.


48...Nxf5 49. Rf7+ and wins the a-pawn.

49. Kh5 f4 50. Rf7+ Kh8 51. g6 

Black is lost.

Kg8 52. Kh6 Nc8 53. Rd7 

White missed the straightforward win with 53. Rg7+ Kf8 54. Kh7 Ne7 55. Rf7+ Ke8 56. g7 and queens.

Be7 54. Rxd5 Nd6 55. g7?? 

This was very tempting but white loses the pawn.

Ne8 56. Kg6 Bf6?? 

Black was afraid of the line 56... Nxg7 57. Rd7 but 57...Kf8! 58. Rxa7 Nxe6 holds everything and probably draws.

57. e7

Winning. The threat of Rd8 and mates is devastating.

Bxe7 58. Re5 Nd6 59. Rxe7 f3 60. Rd7 Ne8 61. Rd8 f2 62. Rxe8# 1-0

Here is a picture of Lik Zang with his coach  Collin Madhavan.I have no doubt in my mind that we will hear more from this boy.

Picture from Kids4Chess (Collin's website)


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