Saturday, November 24, 2012

Acknowledgement from MCF

I have received acknowledgement from MCF Vice President, Haslindah Ruslan , that the matter I raised here will be discussed at the MCF council meeting scheduled for 2nd December, 2012.

I'll reserve further comment till we see what will be the results of this meeting.


Peter Long said...

I would imagine that normally as the first step, someone will be asked by the council to write to him on its behalf demanding that he either fully substantiate his allegations/attacks or to otherwise apologise unreservedly in public (as well as to all parties he has slandered), close down his blog, and to undertake not to ever do so again under threat of firm and vigorous legal action to the fullest extent possible.

Peter Long said...

Hi Jimmy,

Please accept my apologies for the following as I refuse to dirty my blog!

As you now know, together with many of the MCF council, Dato' Tan's office and two FIDE and ACF officer bearers, I have the misfortune of getting emails from him everytime he posts and I have finally responded to him and MCF (but of course not including FIDE and ACF) as follows:


What I really have a problem with is that even if you don't read what he writes, he actually emails whatever MCF officials he knows off and others he thinks have influence to inform of his posts and even FIDE and ACF officials are included!

It is really bad and embarrassing because when MCF ignores this insignificant nobody it seems that what he says about MCF might be true and while I don't blame Jimmy for getting upset on personal attacks and lies, that is not anywhere as serious as what some of the younger players who are also 'featured' told me they have been subject to and really while their parents should address this more aggressively, they are targeted by him in the context of MCF selection, events and representation.

I believe that sending emails is publication beyond normal posts in his blog as he wants to be read by specific individuals with position and from what I understand such attacks with allegations and innuendos together with outright lies in the form of campaigns like what he is always doing are serious offences under MCMC jurisdiction such a formal complaint be made.

What is so difficult for MCF to write him in response to his emails demanding he substantiate or to cease and make public apology? To take legal action while making an official complaint to authorities? I am assuming in all of this what he says is not true (I am sure Jimmy is clear that he has a case to answer to him and no doubt from talking to the juniors caught in his web of deceit they too could make serious cases against him).

The only problem I see is his lack of standing as a member of the local chess community as at best he is a expelled former member of an MCF affiliate and nothing else. What MCF can perhaps not repeat in future is the current direct engagement with parents, teachers, various players, independent organisers, etc. but to instead deal with its members i.e. state affiliates. But in that person's case he has chosen to go direct and public so should be prepared for the resulting consequences.

Thank you


With this I have also stated my hope that with my views clearly stated I trust I will not anymore be copied on his emails - I don't read him and have absolute no interest in him and his agendas beyond the issues I have now stated in no uncertain terms.

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