Friday, June 29, 2012

The strongest Malaysian chessplayer

Friday , Friday. For some, its the day to hit the pub , for some it is party time. But before that you need to loosen up so here is a joke to help you do just that.

Since not everyone will get this joke so apologies in advance to those who do not understand it - Chinese Hokkien people will sure understand :). Oh, and apologies too to my Singaporean friends :)

At one Miss Universe contest, the three finalists are Miss America, Miss Australia, and Miss Singapore.

Now to decide the winner, the judges  asks a final question of the finalists; whoever cannot give a correct answer will drop out.

The question is: "Name  an electrical appliance starting with the letter L.

Miss America replies straight away:"..lamp...".

The audience claps enthusiastically for Miss America is always a crowd favourite.

Miss Australia replies:"...light bulb..." . Another round of applause.

Now it is Miss Singapore turn and she timidly gives her answer.

Miss Singapore :".....ladio ?" 

Judges: "Sorry, radio doesn't start with letter l"

Now the judges feel uncomfortable since the other two contestants are native English speakers, whereas Miss Singapore is ethnic Chinese so they decide to give her another chance.

Judges: "Name an animal starting with the letter L"

Miss American says confidently:"....lion...."

Miss Australia says:"......leopard....."

The audience is going wild and now Miss Singapore isn't too sure again....

Miss Singapore "...labbit..." 

Judges:"Sorry, rabbit doesn't start with the letter l"

Miss Singapore eyes are filling with tears at the thought of losing the chance to be the first  Singaporean Miss World. The judges are so moved they decide to give her another chance. They confer amongst themselves and came up with a question they are confident the other two contestants does not have an edge over the Singaporean.

Judges: "Name the best chess player in Malaysia whose name starts with 'L' ! "

Miss America: "...Lim Yee Weng...."

The crowd bursts into applause.

Miss Australia:".....Liew Chee Meng...." (note: that's me, Jimmy Liew lah)

Even more applause.

Now it is Miss Singapore's turn and she is trembling with excitement because she can finally answer this one with confidence.

Miss Singapore 
"...Laymond Siew !"


Captain Planet said...

Hahaha... I See What You Did There Sir...

Anonymous said...

kahkahkah... this is da killa

Jr Tay said...

Years ago, a Singaporean chess player actually called the Spanish Opening the 'Lai Lopek', I kid you not!

Anonymous said...

I can think of one very strong former Penang state player who say it that way, i.e. "Lai Lopes"

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