Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stop telling me what to do

Ever notice how someone keep telling us -

- who can be MCF President

- who should be MCF Secretary

- you must make a speech to be a worthy MCF President, no speech no President

- how he is a good chess coach

- how everyone else is not a good chess coach

- who you can  have lunch with

- who should be in Olympiad team

- who should NOT be in Olympiad team

- who can even accept invitation to be in Olympiad team

Don't you just hate it? Don't you just want to reply to him....






Stop telling us what to do, you're not our MOTHER.

Note: Whoever is choosen to represent Malaysia, I urge you to ACCEPT it irregardless. That way you can show he-who-we-shall-not-name-here you are the one in charge of your own life. I know I will accept, if only to show him I do not answer to anyone else but myself. My life, my choice.


Peter Long said...

True, it is MCF's decision. No one will agree fully... it will always be subjective no matter what the criteria or explanations given (if any).
Personally I feel only the current national champion is automatic even if only going as a reserve as has happened before in even USSR teams!
The rest then should depend on what the objectives are. If to get the best possible result then to select the best players available. If to expose young talents then maybe even a completely youth team would not be wrong.
But it will probably be somewhere in between and of course congratulations would be in order and wishes for every success!

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