Thursday, June 7, 2012

Olympiad Dream Team

Andrew has a little poll over at his GilaChess site (its on the right side bar). It's called Olympiad Dream Team where you can vote for who you think should be in the Dream Team.

So far , Yeoh Li Tian is leading the poll though Roshan and IM Mas is close behind. But he-who-we-will-not-name is jumping up and down screaming "poll is fixed,poll is fixed" and accusing Andrew of playing God. Whereupon I put on my thinking cap. Why call Andrew playing God? Now this is just a fun poll and it is not like MCF will use this poll when doing their selection.

It did not take me long to figure it out. For some time now, Andrew has removed he-who-we-will-not-name blog from his Malaysian Chess Blogs. Let me start my famous impersonation . [Start impersonation] Is this a clue? Can you see this now?  What does this say? [End impersonation].

Back to serious mode, there is one problem with this poll. Andrew did not make up his mind what the choices were from the start. For example he started adding me (and others) after the poll had already started. When I voted, I did not see my name so I voted for someone else. Then my name appears a bit later but unfortunately for me :(  I cannot vote again (so much for rigging).

Anyway the poll is just a fun thing.  But hey, this does not stop you readers (also known as Jimmy's cronies in the words of  he-who-we-will-not-name) from voting for me, ok? ;)


GilaChess said...

I forgot two names. Jimmy Liew and Yeap Eng Chiam. Added last minute.

Yes it is just a for fun thing. :)

GilaChess said...

Yes I have to admit the poll is now "rigged". Since Eng Chiam's name was added after 12 people already voted, it is kind of unfair to him. My apologies to Yeap.

Jimmy Liew said...

Well, I demand a recount then :)

Jimmy Liew said...

Since I'm affected too...on the other hand , forget it ;)

GilaChess said...

I was about to apologise but despite the 10 potential missed votes, I see you are already in the top 5! I guess the poll is surely rigged now. :)

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