Friday, June 15, 2012

Morozevich loses, Kramnik catches up

A sad night it was, Morozevich losing his first game in this tournament. It was doubly painful as Morozevich played some creative chess (23. f5!) and it looked like Nakamura was getting mated on the king-side. But stubborn defence from Naka and a blunder much later by Moro (38. Qd1?) worked in the American's favour. Morozevich was pretty upset with this loss as you can see from the post-game commentary. I hope he can still win this tournament.

Kramnik seems to make winning easy. Against Tomashevsky, he won in 83 moves from a simple looking opening where black seems to have equalized. Kramnik moves into shared lead with this win. Three players are in the chasing pack with 3.5/6, and anything can still happen. I like Carlsen chances as he has already played most of the "tough" players. The games resume on Saturday after a rest day today.


Captain Planet said...

Either Kramnik Or Morozevich... Both My Favourite Nowadays Player... Yeay...

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