Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tal Memorial, Morozevich and Radjabov leads

After Round four last night, both Morozevich and Radjabov are leading with three points.

Round four was a round with interesting games. Carlsen buried his own bishop on g3 where it looks very unlikely to see action. Nevertheless Carlsen is Carlsen and eventually created strong threats against Grischuk's king-side. Both players got into time trouble and repeated moves by move forty of the time control to settle for the draw.

English GM McShane who had beaten world number two, Levon Aronian , in round three, looked like a sure winner against Nakamura.Somehow he went wrong and had to go into a rook ending a pawn down but with all pawns on one side the draw was never really in doubt. McShane even  exchanged rooks (unnecessary, he could draw just as easily with rooks on) to go into a pawn ending with a humourous end. Check it out below.

The only player to win in this round was Caruana who beat Tomashevsky quite easily. At the official site there is a daily commentary in Russian. Well, if you do not understand Russian like me, go to the English commentary at by Australian GM Ian Rogers. Rogers does a great job under the circumstances (he is the lone commentator).


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